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I thought since it has been close to a year since I updated this blog I would post some of the pictures I painted since April 2009 these were all done in 2009. I have few that I am finishing and done since January and will up date with these again soon. I promise or hope. Hope all are well and enjoy the work I have done.


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I have update Knitting 2 and watercolors.

These are the lastest watercolors from the past three months of classes:








Boat at Low Tide










Plum trees in bloom on HipPocket Street Peachtree City


Rose in Full Bloom

Hope you enjoy!

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These are the new watercolor that were done since January 2009.








Again I can’t say enough about how wonderful my teacher Judy is. You can see her work @ JudyPaint!

I just love and enjoy my classes and my two classes mates. Each have such wonderful talents! Thanks Karin and Linda for you encouragement, support, and friendship!

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HI Everyone

I wanted to quickly share with you the watercolor I did of Alaina. I do not do portraits well. I have tried them in the past and FAILED! But my watercolor teacher encouraged me to try something challenging so we picked a watercolor portrait! Oh course the only picture I had with me was my grandma brag book of Alaina and who else would I want to do but her! (Well, really I can think of at least six other people who quickly come to mind) This is the results of my work with a great deal of guidance and encouragement. I am really happy with the results. Even though when I showed the work to Paul the engineer could only say that I made the neck to big. But I don’t care I am sharing the work because I am really proud that I did the challenge and that I think it came out well. Here is the photo and then the watercolor.   


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These are pictures of my watercolor class with my teacher Judy Huang. I think I am coming along with the new techniques I have learned.  Judy is a wonderful teacher and Karin my fellow student is a marvelous watercolor painter too.






Karin has just finished two pictures that are wonderful. One is of her husband Franco and I will ask her for permission to post her work next class. The other is not really one picture it is a series of churches. Karin’s family own a wonderful (and I mean wonderful) restaurant in Fayetteville Ga. It has long been Paul and my favorite. It is called City Café and Bakery. If you are near by you should visit! Especially during Oktoberfest! Well, back to my reason to tell you about class. Karin is putting up her collection of churches in the restaurant and has asked Judy and I to also do a church to be included. I think it was very generous of Karin to include me. I could see why she would want Judy’s work but I think she is just being nice to me!


Each church is from somewhere around the world and so very nicely done. I decide that I would paint a church from right here in Peachtree City. Since I have been doing a series of landscapes around town I thought it would be in keeping with my theme too. This is the “First Presbyterian Church” in Peachtree City.






I also wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures that Judy has done. I think it is one of her best! It is available for sale on her website under watercolor floral. Take a peek and see it up close!



the web site has the picture in detail and many other pictures of Judy’s too.


I hope you enjoy and when all the pictures are up at City Cafe and Bakery I will take a few pictures to share with you.




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 This summer I have been having a great time driving around on the cart paths. There is just so much to see and do around town.




With the price of gas I have been using the cart for most of my errands too. Peachtree City has about a 100 miles of cart paths that are all around town. I can go workout in the morning or to the store. I also meet friends at the local restaurants. Paul and I have been taking a picnic with us just about every Sunday. We first stop for Paul’s coffee at Starbucks then off we go.





He reads the Sunday paper and I paint or draw. I have also been going by myself when Paul has been traveling. I enjoy taking time to stop and draw and paint the trees and water. I thought I would share with you the latest of my pictures.












Hope you enjoy your summer too!

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Long day but really great day! I went to the Kannai neighborhood of Yokohama. I visited the Silk Museum it was wonderful! It was about a 20 mintue walk from the Kannai train station. I pasted the baseball stadium and finally saw my first church! On the way back there was a wedding coming out and taking pictures in the open area next to it.


        The extra exhibit at the Silk Museum was the influences of Japanese emigrant’s textiles on Hawaiian textiles. They had displays of different Hawaiian shirts and women’s clothing form 1920’s to present. They started with beautiful men’s kimonos patterns and how they were transferred to the shirts.  They were stunning! There were birds and lobsters and people and birds. There were mountains and fish all brightly colored and the designs made the Hawaiian shirt what it is today. Tommy Bahamas has no idea where it comes from and how beautiful it can be. The display took it through the 40 when Hawaiian shirts became really popular because of WWII and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The men station there brought the fabrics and the shirts back to the main land states and it took off. There was a line of women’s dress MuMu’s and things that show the influence of Japanese artist too.  I really enjoyed the display and never knew of the link. But if you see the Kimonos and the shirts together it is so unreal! I spent about two hours there just looking and walking around. Many of the displays had articles and books and clipping on display that were in English so I was able to read the old stuff but not the Kanji explanations.


I then found out were all the second hand stuff from America lives. There was a flee market area in the lower level of the building next door.

I really thought it was a hoot! They even had used bedsheets from America for sale. And you were wondering what happen to all that stuff. I looked around just to see if some of my parent’s old stuff we gave away was there. I would not have been surprise if it did. They had old used cowboy boots, kids clothing all kinds of stuff. I thought I was at the Good Will except the prices where unreal! A little pair of kid jeans were $50.00.


I then went out and walked to the pier. There was a great view of the Harbor and ships. There were a lot of people sunning and walking along the pier. It was built with green spaces on top and you could use it is like a park area. It was really a large pier.


I left there and walked over to the Yamashita Shoreline Park /port Area. I spent sometime drawing the trees and port. But before I left the area I had another first. I went to use the bathroom and just stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out how to use the facilities. I had to take a picture to show you because I would not have been able to explain it. I guess I will try anything once!


I walked back to the train about 3pm and it was starting to get really crowded. Then I remembered it was Friday and everyone was starting their weekend.  I went back to Yokohama station because I promised one of the men with Paul I would pick up a baby sweater or shirt. I was unable to find the store I had gone to last time called Toyko Hands. I just got turned around with the crowds of people. I then walked back to the station and looked in the stores there.

It was hard to find baby anything so I had to go to the Takashinay store. It is like a Saks but more expensive. I finally had to ask someone with my handy dandy Japanese phrase book were the baby clothing was. The sales girl was so kind she walked me over to the elevator and pushed the right floor button for me. I thought she was going to pin a note on me too! Really people have been so very kind to me with my very bad Japanese. I did have a good laugh though when I finally figured out what the “Walking around calmly” section was. I have been seeing this on the floor maps at all the stores and could not figure out what it meant then it dawned on me they meant “Casual Wear” It’s true every store had a section called men’s wear, shoes, or what ever and then a walking around calmly section. I just love the translations! I did not buy anything I could not bare to buy a little shirt for $68.00. I finally went to the book store and got another “Hungry Caterpillar” book in Kanji for $10.00. I also pick up five toe socks for his wife. I am sure she well get a kick out of them.


There was a lot more to see but I was over it. I could hardly walk after four days of a lot of walking. I will go back and see Chinatown, the Archives of History, and the Yokohama Doll Museum on Monday. Now that I know how to get there it will be less walking.


Well I am beat so I am taking a nap before I go to bed! More tomorrow!



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