Tracking all our Adventures!


Me and Sock Monkey thought it would be fun to put together a map of all the places the family has visited over the last 40 years. So we got a world map. We mounted it and took a few color pins and went to work. Black pins are for Paul’s work travels, red Emily’s, green are where Paul and Emily went together, white is where the whole family went. The big pins are places we have owned a house and blue are where family live. There is one lone yellow for Tracy by herself in South Africa. She has been the farthest south in the family and Paul the farthest north with Helsinki. It was a lot of fun to do and see. Paul really enjoyed the surprise! He got to add a lot of pins from places we did not remember. How he wants to go through all the boxes and boxes of old pictures we have and sort by decade. So look forward to the next addition with old pictures to come soon.






Sorry it has been so long since I been blogging but life got in the way. We have traveled a lot visited family and friends. Had weddings and funerals, cried some and laughed a lot! I have finished several projects and started some new ones. I thought I put up some pictures of the projects and move forward. Glad to be back!




p1020466  p1020453  finished the eleven cross stitches stoles for the wedding. They took a long time but was worth every mintue when I saw Karen’s face!


p1020445 Sweater for Debbie! And now long did that one TAKE to get to her????!!! Forever! but she was great about the wait. This was the first sweater I ever did in the round and cut with steeks. EEEkks it is hard to cut your work! But I think it came out great. It is from the book More Big Girl Knits.


p1020219 a quick request from a friend to make a christmas sock for a new daughter in law.


p1020390 Rose bud hat for Alaina from Itty bitty hats. She loved it and knows she is just to pretty for words. The pink sling was a present for Mommy made two; one gray and one pink so Alaina could ride around all snuggly!




Last picture of Dad with Alaina days before he went home to be with God! We sure do miss him!


p1040100   p1030861  p1030895  p1030985  p1040116


p1040334  p1020440  p1010500  p1020369


Christmas in Chicago, Detroit, Marquette, then New Years in Florida. Then back up to Marquette for furneral and then Bay City for Wedding. The coldest was 31 below the warmest was 78 and many plane stories to tell of canceled flights, getting flights, not having the right gates, wind on the runways. But all worth it when your with family and good friends! Was gone from December 19th (home a day here and there maybe) back January 16th. Glad to be home for a while!



 p1020213 watercolor of Alaina for our 2008 Christmas card. Had a great time painting this one. Thanks to Judy it came out great!


Can’t find other project picture right now. Made a white sweater for Alison’s mom, painted a kitchen table and bench, dyed several silk scarfs, knitted wrist bans for Karin and finished and published mom’s poem book!


So now you know where we have been, seen, loved, and opened gifts at!


Put on my needles a light blue cotton swing jacket for Carol, lace shawl for Emily Ann, and bubble pants for Alaina. Organized my project for the next six months. Have them all lined up in the craft room and ready to go.


Glad to be home back to the grind and looking for Adventures! Hello 2009!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall arrangements with Pumpkins


Sorry I have been away so long! I have many projects to share. I will sit down this week and put them all together. I have painted, knitted, decorated, and cooked. I will share all!

However, right now I just wanted to wish you and your family a Blessed Thanksgiving. Have safe travels and good memories.



Hello Everyone

I know it has been a while since my last blog entry but I have been a very busy girl. Since I last wrote I have visited back home in Michigan, had Emily and Alaina visit here for a four day weekend, finished Tracy’s brown Ana Sweater, finished the Mystery Stole 4, worked on several cross stitched shawls for the wedding. I have also put on my needles a red sweater for Debbie instead of the shell from More Big Girls, a white lace cardigan for Alison’s mom. But the most fun I have had is hand dying and had dye painting silk scarves for Christmas.


So to catch you up on all the happening I thought I would just take you through some pictures.


The third week in September Emily Ann and Alaina came to visit. We had a BALL! There was:


Bath time.


Nap time:  


A Visit to the “World of Coke”
















We went out to dinner, out for lunch, and lots and lots of shopping!!!

Alaina was so good and we had a great time together.



I then went to visit up north to attended the “Reaching Higher Gala” I had a great time and was able to help raise some much needed funds for a wonderful organization.


My daughter Tracy meet me at the airport and whisked me away to the Detroit Zoo! I had not been to the zoo in years and loved it. The weather was on the chilly side. I have become a true southern gal. But the animals were all out and running around. We meet up with Carrie, Sarah, and Ali. We had a great time together and closed the place down. I thought they may have to go find us and drags us out.




We Saw:



 and Tigers and


  and Polar Bears OH MY




We ate Indian Food at Priya My favorite Indian place to eat ever! What a treat!

I visited with my three dearest friends. Patsy, Kathy S. and Karen.


I went to Lunch and had dinner with Karen then I went to Karen’s knitting class at one of my all time favorite knitting stores. Ewe-Nique Knits


  I had a wonderful time and so miss Karen. But good friends always keep in touch!!!!!


Karen had a surprise for me she had got me a gift certificate from “Stonehedge Fiber Mill” in East Jordan Michigan. Which I thought was wonderful but then found out that I had just bought some of thier yarn at the “Knitch” in Atlanta for Debbie’s red sweater. I did not even know it until I got home. All I knew is I loved the touch and the color. Should have known.

I am Knitting the Bountiful Bohus by Chrissy Gardiner it is in the book More Big Girl Knits. This is one great book. It really helps with sizing and making the best looking piece possible. the sweater is done in the round then you cut steeks to create the opening. This is the first time I will ever use Steeks. Wish me luck. I will have to take some pictures and write about this one!

It has been soft and just great to knit.


I have also been have a great time making dyed scarfs. I have really enjoyed the results some are more free form, others are hand painted.



I also finished the Ana Sweater for Tracy. Thank God! It really came out nice and so very soft.



I finished the sweater just as the car came to pick me up for the airport to head home. I was so glad to have it done. The truth was that I had to finish it I had no more room in my suitcase to take it back. Done Done Done.


So this is what I have been up to. Hope all is well with you take care.

One Scarf Done and Eleven to Go


I wanted to share with you the latest projects I have been working on. I just finished my first shawl for Joe and Sarah’s wedding. It has been a long journey to the first one done. I first had a problem finding and getting pure white long shawls. I thought I had them ordered from a store at the Atlanta Mart but when they came 8 week later they were off white. HUGGGGGGGGGG! Then I found some white ones on the internet and they really came rather quickly. I got them from Peach Couture. They had a nice variety of shawls for a good price.


I then thought I would embroiderer the three snow flakes on the shawl and decided to use one of the off white scarves to practice on and boy am I glad I did. It looked awful! The flakes looked heavy and pulled the scarf and left holes where the needle went in. I then tried different types of floss with no change in the holes. I then thought I would iron on backing to help hold the scarf together. That worked well! However, the snowflakes still looked heavy and not pretty and light at all!


I then talked with Karen Joe’s mom about the color and type of floss and we both agreed that silver would look very nice. Sarah’s colors are white and dark navy blue.  But we could not match the dark blue with a floss color.


So I thought, and thought, and thought about what to do with the snowflakes. I had wanted to copy the pattern from one of the books I brought home from Japan but they had embroidered the snow flakes on linen which is a much heavier material. The light airy scarves just could not hold up with that thick of a stitch.  I then got a brain storm that I could cross stitch the snow flakes with waste canvas. I had made my sister a beautiful throw with poinsettias several years ago and the waste canvas worked really well with that.


So off again to the craft store and I got silver floss, iron on backing, and waste cloth. Once again I worked on the trial scarf and was happy with the results. Now that I like the results I have sixteen weeks to complete eleven more adult and one child scarves before the wedding. I will be working on Christmas presents at the same time but I think I have enough time. It takes about four to six hours to do one flake and at that rate I will have plenty of time to finish. I hope Sarah likes them and I hope they look nice on the wedding party.


Here are a few pictures of the finished scarf. I will not be using the white on white again. However, I will mix the dark and light sliver together. The beads are crystal and really sparkle in the sun.


Acid Dying Class

I had a great time last Friday at Gale’s Art studio! Gale has a small independent dyeing studio in Stone Mountain GA. She teaches there in small class of four people or less.




My class was 10:30 am to 2:30pm with open studio after. I learned a whole lot and enjoyed myself very much. We did acid dying by first soaking the yarn, roving, and scarves in Citrus Acid. You can also use white vinegar as the acid too.



I really love the scarves we made. After soaking the silk scarves in citrus acid you bunch them into a glass bowl and heat on high in the microwave. Then take the bowl out and squirt your selection of dye on the scarf.
Then back into the microwave for 45 sections and there you have a beautiful scarf. Mine looked like flowers! It was great!




I enjoyed the learning and the day with Gale. If you are interested in join her for her dying classes or felting you can get complete information about her groups @ – gale’s art fiber- and look under “threads” topic ‘classes in Atlanta” on Ravelry or feel free to email her at galesart@mindspring.com or contact her by phone 404 457 4015