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I wanted to share with you the latest projects I have been working on. I just finished my first shawl for Joe and Sarah’s wedding. It has been a long journey to the first one done. I first had a problem finding and getting pure white long shawls. I thought I had them ordered from a store at the Atlanta Mart but when they came 8 week later they were off white. HUGGGGGGGGGG! Then I found some white ones on the internet and they really came rather quickly. I got them from Peach Couture. They had a nice variety of shawls for a good price.


I then thought I would embroiderer the three snow flakes on the shawl and decided to use one of the off white scarves to practice on and boy am I glad I did. It looked awful! The flakes looked heavy and pulled the scarf and left holes where the needle went in. I then tried different types of floss with no change in the holes. I then thought I would iron on backing to help hold the scarf together. That worked well! However, the snowflakes still looked heavy and not pretty and light at all!


I then talked with Karen Joe’s mom about the color and type of floss and we both agreed that silver would look very nice. Sarah’s colors are white and dark navy blue.  But we could not match the dark blue with a floss color.


So I thought, and thought, and thought about what to do with the snowflakes. I had wanted to copy the pattern from one of the books I brought home from Japan but they had embroidered the snow flakes on linen which is a much heavier material. The light airy scarves just could not hold up with that thick of a stitch.  I then got a brain storm that I could cross stitch the snow flakes with waste canvas. I had made my sister a beautiful throw with poinsettias several years ago and the waste canvas worked really well with that.


So off again to the craft store and I got silver floss, iron on backing, and waste cloth. Once again I worked on the trial scarf and was happy with the results. Now that I like the results I have sixteen weeks to complete eleven more adult and one child scarves before the wedding. I will be working on Christmas presents at the same time but I think I have enough time. It takes about four to six hours to do one flake and at that rate I will have plenty of time to finish. I hope Sarah likes them and I hope they look nice on the wedding party.


Here are a few pictures of the finished scarf. I will not be using the white on white again. However, I will mix the dark and light sliver together. The beads are crystal and really sparkle in the sun.



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