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These are the new watercolor that were done since January 2009.








Again I can’t say enough about how wonderful my teacher Judy is. You can see her work @ JudyPaint!

I just love and enjoy my classes and my two classes mates. Each have such wonderful talents! Thanks Karin and Linda for you encouragement, support, and friendship!


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Small favor to ask! 

Hello all I know many of you are reading this blog from many different places all over the world and I have a small favor to ask. My small friend Cameron has a kindergarten project you could help with. It would be so very neat to have responses from all over. Below is the email from his Nana to me

 Dear Friends,     

 My grandson Cameron has a kindergarten project that involves asking friends and family to send him a post card from where ever they live or visit.  He needs to get a supply of postcards from all over and I was wondering if you could get a postcard and write him a quick note and mail it from your area.  The idea is to see various places and show where the cards have come from.  Could you take a little time and send one to his class?  Here is what you need: 

Cameron C/O Ms. Parrott’s Class

Crabapple Lane Elementary School

450 Crabapple Lane

Peachtree City, GA  30269

 I know this is an imposition but he would be so grateful to hear from you.  Thanks for at least considering it.  Love, Alison 

I hope you could take a little time and make a very special friend of mine very happy Thanks in advance.

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