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Me and Sock Monkey thought it would be fun to put together a map of all the places the family has visited over the last 40 years. So we got a world map. We mounted it and took a few color pins and went to work. Black pins are for Paul’s work travels, red Emily’s, green are where Paul and Emily went together, white is where the whole family went. The big pins are places we have owned a house and blue are where family live. There is one lone yellow for Tracy by herself in South Africa. She has been the farthest south in the family and Paul the farthest north with Helsinki. It was a lot of fun to do and see. Paul really enjoyed the surprise! He got to add a lot of pins from places we did not remember. How he wants to go through all the boxes and boxes of old pictures we have and sort by decade. So look forward to the next addition with old pictures to come soon.




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We left Japan the afternoon at 4:30 pm of May 21,2008. We had a little over 11 hour flight and touched down in Detroit Michigan on May 21, 2008 in the afternoon at 2:20 p.m.  We then waited for two hours and head off to Marquette Michigan to visit family for Memorial Holiday weekend. It was in the low 70’s F. when we left Japan and it was 53 F. when we got to Detroit and cool 43 F. in Marquette. It was COLD!


We went back to spring. This is my third spring this year. The trees are just starting to bud and the tulips and foristha are just out.


We had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to go back there are several places I still want to see and visit there. However, I am really glad I had the time I did.


I am just about finished with the Jourey Stole it should be done by the time we get back to Peachtree City. I will block and finish it at home.


I also finished the socks I was working on for Debbie. I will be able to give them to her while I am here.

Thanks for coming along on my trip I really enjoyed sharing it with you!

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This is our last night in Japan. Tomorrow we take the shuttle bus to the airport and fly back to “yesterday”! If you look at our ticket you would think the flight was only one hour while in reality it is a 12 hour flight. 

So tonight Paul made special reservations at a little tempera restaurant ” Waka Matsu Ya”. It is snuggled away in a local neighborhood about 20 minutes taxi ride away. Paul had been taken there on a work dinner and really wanted to go back together. It has 10 places to sit around the cook and he makes some wonderful and strange things to eat. Paul was told by his Japanese colleagues that there is really only about 6 real tempera restaurants in the Yokohama area and this is one of the best!

We started with the feet of shrimp, fried. It was very good and crunchy. We then had a shrimp, then asparagus, then the spine of a fish, then fish, then small potatoes and tempera corn cut from the cob, and then a large radish type vegetable that was stuffed in the cavities with shrimp and then we had a shrimp mixture served with rice, cucumber, lightly cooked scallop, small salad, and clam mi so soup. This was finished with a green tea and small scoop of raspberry gelato type ice cream. It was wonderful and everything served was delicious.


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