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I have update Knitting 2 and watercolors.

These are the lastest watercolors from the past three months of classes:








Boat at Low Tide










Plum trees in bloom on HipPocket Street Peachtree City


Rose in Full Bloom

Hope you enjoy!


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These are the new watercolor that were done since January 2009.








Again I can’t say enough about how wonderful my teacher Judy is. You can see her work @ JudyPaint!

I just love and enjoy my classes and my two classes mates. Each have such wonderful talents! Thanks Karin and Linda for you encouragement, support, and friendship!

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HI Everyone

I wanted to quickly share with you the watercolor I did of Alaina. I do not do portraits well. I have tried them in the past and FAILED! But my watercolor teacher encouraged me to try something challenging so we picked a watercolor portrait! Oh course the only picture I had with me was my grandma brag book of Alaina and who else would I want to do but her! (Well, really I can think of at least six other people who quickly come to mind) This is the results of my work with a great deal of guidance and encouragement. I am really happy with the results. Even though when I showed the work to Paul the engineer could only say that I made the neck to big. But I don’t care I am sharing the work because I am really proud that I did the challenge and that I think it came out well. Here is the photo and then the watercolor.   


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