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I have update Knitting 2 and watercolors.

These are the lastest watercolors from the past three months of classes:








Boat at Low Tide










Plum trees in bloom on HipPocket Street Peachtree City


Rose in Full Bloom

Hope you enjoy!


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These are the new watercolor that were done since January 2009.








Again I can’t say enough about how wonderful my teacher Judy is. You can see her work @ JudyPaint!

I just love and enjoy my classes and my two classes mates. Each have such wonderful talents! Thanks Karin and Linda for you encouragement, support, and friendship!

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These are pictures of my watercolor class with my teacher Judy Huang. I think I am coming along with the new techniques I have learned.  Judy is a wonderful teacher and Karin my fellow student is a marvelous watercolor painter too.






Karin has just finished two pictures that are wonderful. One is of her husband Franco and I will ask her for permission to post her work next class. The other is not really one picture it is a series of churches. Karin’s family own a wonderful (and I mean wonderful) restaurant in Fayetteville Ga. It has long been Paul and my favorite. It is called City Café and Bakery. If you are near by you should visit! Especially during Oktoberfest! Well, back to my reason to tell you about class. Karin is putting up her collection of churches in the restaurant and has asked Judy and I to also do a church to be included. I think it was very generous of Karin to include me. I could see why she would want Judy’s work but I think she is just being nice to me!


Each church is from somewhere around the world and so very nicely done. I decide that I would paint a church from right here in Peachtree City. Since I have been doing a series of landscapes around town I thought it would be in keeping with my theme too. This is the “First Presbyterian Church” in Peachtree City.






I also wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures that Judy has done. I think it is one of her best! It is available for sale on her website under watercolor floral. Take a peek and see it up close!



the web site has the picture in detail and many other pictures of Judy’s too.


I hope you enjoy and when all the pictures are up at City Cafe and Bakery I will take a few pictures to share with you.




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 This summer I have been having a great time driving around on the cart paths. There is just so much to see and do around town.




With the price of gas I have been using the cart for most of my errands too. Peachtree City has about a 100 miles of cart paths that are all around town. I can go workout in the morning or to the store. I also meet friends at the local restaurants. Paul and I have been taking a picnic with us just about every Sunday. We first stop for Paul’s coffee at Starbucks then off we go.





He reads the Sunday paper and I paint or draw. I have also been going by myself when Paul has been traveling. I enjoy taking time to stop and draw and paint the trees and water. I thought I would share with you the latest of my pictures.












Hope you enjoy your summer too!

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I have been having fun in my new watercolor class. I am taking classes from Fayette Art Center in Peachtree City. My teacher is Judy Huang. She is a wonderful artist and great teacher. I believe she has taught me in these short 6 weeks more that I have ever learned in any of my watercolor classes before.Thanks Judy!

 I will be adding the new projects as they come along: 


 This was my first picture done with Judy.


 This was done in an earlier class. The technique is called “Pour Technique” you take a well wetted watercolor paper best to use cold press then pour on the paper very water down pure primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). Then lay a sheet of with plastic wrap on top with wrinkles and all. Let dry several days. Then left the plastic wrap and see what you have then you begin to work with what your eyes sees and likes to bring your composition.


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