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I am all finished with Alaina’s Coat it is sooooo cute. Even Paul thinks it great. What a easy pattern and very simple felting. (Karen you need to make this for your girls!)


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I have been busily working on my latest knitting projects. I am making two “Cable and Lace wrap cardigans” from Baby Knits by Lois Daykin.  They are quick and lovely wrap around cardigans done in a DK weight. I decided to make these for my friend Karen’s two new granddaughters. Her son Mathew’s family had their second daughter this July. There other beautiful daughter is Laura who is the cutie wearing the blue and yellow stripe sweater in my earlier post. Plus their second son Adam and his family had their second child who is also a girl born in June. Adam and AnnMarie now have a boy and girl.  I wanted to make them both something and wanted them to be similar even though they live miles and miles apart.  The cardigan is warm yet lovely.




The second project I am working on is for me. It is a lace sweater from Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine Number 43. There are several projects in this book that I would like to make but the top called “Eerie” designed by Sarah Hatton is really very lovely. All I have left to do is sew the shoulders together, put in a four row garter stitch around the neckline and gather the front accent.   There is maybe an hour worth of work but I have been working on the wraps to mail off before the babies are to big to wear them. I really can’t wait to finish the top. It will be to hot in Georgia for at least three months to wear it but we are heading up north to Michigan for Labor Day and I am sure it will be cool enough to wear it then.






The third project I am working on is one of the most fun projects I have worked on in a long time. It is the digestive system that I have been promising all summer to finish for Tracy’s class room. She will be back to school by September and I want to have it all done and ready for her by then. In fact I would like it ready by Labor Day as she will be going to visit family too and I would like to have it done to give her by then.   I will post the progress on this project as I go along for you to see. If you would like to knit it along with me you can find the pattern at Strange but Trewe. He must be a whole lot of fun to knit with. There was a knit a long in 2005 onCraftster and they have the finished pattern posted there as well.


I must say I had the best time answering Paul’s questions driving home this weekend from Florida. He wanted to know what I was working on and it was so much fun to just say I just finished knitting an Anus and was starting the Rectum. I can’t wait until I am out some where and have strangers ask what I am working on. I get weird looks as it is with the normal stuff, it should be great fun to see their reactions with “Oh I am working on the large bowel right now and working my to the colon soon”. Besides the project is a great way to use up all the odd balls in my stash I had hanging around.  



I am still working on Tracy’s Anna Sweater by Debbie Bliss. That has been on hold for about four months now. It will be a beautiful sweater when I am done. The pattern is very repetitive and I had lost interest in it fast. I will return and finish next. I promised myself that I would not start anything new for anyone else until I finish this sweater.  And I still have not started the red shell for Debbie. The shell has been on my needles and frogged twice now. Just don’t like the pattern for the shell. I will keep on looking until I find the right one. I am looking for a round collar, short cap sleeve, shell for a large size gal. If you know one or have a suggestion please leave a commit and let me know.


I have organized my want to do projects. I have divided them by what I want to make for Alaina and what I want to make for everyone else. I figure I would make one for one. I put them in an excel file and rated them by what interested me to do. I have at least two years of projects ahead of me. I figure I would now start making size 2 and 4 T stuff for Alaina so she can wear them in the future. I also want to sew Emily Ann one more baby sling made out of fleece for the cooler days ahead in Chicago.


Well that has been my projects for the month of July. I will keep posting the progress on the digestive system and let you know the reactions I get.






Secert Garden Sweater for Faith


booties for Alaina Baby slipers Knitting Pattern designed by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer

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I was able yesterday to go to one more yarn shop in Atlanta. I visited “Why Not Knit”in Buckhead Village. It was a delightful shop tucked away in the middle of the construction for some very high end stores. It is in a wonderful 1941 house with rooms of yarn all organized by fiber. There is one exception in that in the front room to the left which must have been the porch a long time ago is the baby and children patterns and yarns. The first thing that greets you at the door is a lovely display of all the newest yarns for the season. You can hardly move from there but a welcoming sales person will be happy to show you around and point you in the right direction.

I found several things to buy and got a discount or two on a few things. The owner was very helpful to me when I was trying to find the right yarn for Tracy’s digestive system pattern. I also found a great maternity sweater pattern called the bump sweater from “Natural Knits for Babies and Moms”. Alaina got some pink cotton for a little pink dress from “Simple Knits for Cherished Babies”.

 I picked up“Vogueknitting” winter 2007/08 magazine and much to my surprise not only was there an ad for the store but a great little article on page 16 all about the shop and it’s owners. This issue is really great with it’s “It’s all about Color!” theme.

Next stop will be Strings & Strands in Buchead so if it is a bust I could always slip back and visit Why Knot Knits. Well maybe I will just do that bust or not. Hope you get a chance to visit in person or by web. Enjoy!

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